Ayahuasca (pronounced ah-yah-WAH-ska) or Yagé (ya-HEY) are native Amazonian names for the jungle vine Banisteriopsis Caapi and the medicinal tea prepared from it and other plants. Ayahuasca derives from the Quechua words aya-spirit/dead, waska-vine/rope and can be translated as “vine of the dead.” Ayahuasca is used throughout the Upper Amazon and is traditionally combined with Chacruna (Psychotria viridis).At Lakshmi Ecolodge and Holistic Spa, we only use the Ayahuasca vine and Chacruna leaf in our brew to ensure you are working with Ayahuasca in its truest sense. It had become an unfortunate practice at Ayahuasca centers to make brews with different admixtures to give people intense “Ayahuasca experiences” but this experience is not in the true nature of the medicine. As such, we provide the traditional brew that will enable access to the visionary world of the mother plant that provides deep personal insight and healing.The ceremonies are held by thoroughly experienced ayahasquero (shamans) who have dedicated themselves to working with the brew for decades. The training process of an ayahuasquero includes years of dieting medicinal plants while avoiding any foods with salt, sugar or excess oils. During these “dietas” the shaman is also isolated from people, usually for weeks while they attune themselves to the plants. Through this process they receive the plants wisdom and/or healing songs. These songs of healing are known as “icaros”. It is with these songs that they protect and bring healing upon those who participate in ceremony.

It is very important that each person that comes to work with Ayahuasca is dedicated to his or her own healing and is willing to make the commitment that it requires before, during and after the retreat. The changes that take place during a retreat do not end when the workshop is over, and require deep intentions and dedication after leaving the jungle to actualize lessons, manifest visions and support one’s personal evolution.

Ayahuasca can be a very powerful tool in a person’s healing journey, whether this be physical, mental, emotional or spiritual; however, each experience is completely singular to the person working with Ayahuasca.  Individual circumstances can vary greatly and for this reason, there are no guarantees that any certain degree of healing will be achieved or any condition cured.


Ayahuasca is a holistic, shamanic brew that is known for having incredible healing effects. Mentally, emotionally, physically and spiritually, it is an all around incredible natural plant medicine. Ayahuasca is not addictive, not a drug, has no withdrawal symptoms and leaves no toxicity in the body. Made from the vine ayahuasca and the leaf chacruna, medical research is now showing the effect Ayahuasca has on treating depression, anxiety, post traumatic stress disorder, panic disorders and recovering from trauma as well as a general increase in happiness, confidence, independence and ability to react differently to circumstances that may have once caused you pain. It also has been shown to improve creativity and cognitive abilities.

Ayahuasca helps to release patterns and habits that have formed because of painful circumstances in a person’s life. It does this by “purging” certain things out of the body. It is why another name for Ayahuasca is La Purga or “The Purge”.The purge can be physical; vomiting, diarrhea, yawning, crying, sneezing, laughing. It can also be emotional, a feeling that something painful has finally left your mind. All of this can happen when drinking Ayahuasca. In the purge, you can usually feel that something has been released from your body and soul. It is not the same as being sick.

Here at Lakshmi, we believe in holistic healing and Ayahuasca is considered to be the most powerful plant medicine in existence. The indigenous tribes of the Amazon that work with Ayahuasca say that she is a “Master Plant” or, the great teacher plant.

There is also a mystical aspect to Ayahuasca. Many people see visions, have episodes of past life regression, soul retrieval and it is also known for showing people their life’s purpose. The word Ayahuasca is Quecha for Vine of the Soul or Vine of the Spirit. It is said to be a doorway into bridging a connection with higher states of consciousness and providing a connection to a world you may not have realized existed.

If you feel a dissatisfaction in life, Ayahuasca can be an amazing cure for many forms of dis-ease.

We offer Single Ceremonies for those who either wish to try Ayahuasca for the first time before deciding to do a longer retreat, or for those who are only visiting Lakshmi for a short amount of time. We also offer 8 Day Retreats for those who wish for a more in depth experience with the medicine. For more information on the history of Ayahuasca, the dietary requirements, and how ceremonies works, and if you wish to join a longer retreat, please visit our Ayahuasca website: www.floweroflifeperu.com

Single Ayahuasca Ceremony $100

We understand that many people only have specific dates available and cannot join longer Ayahuasca retreats. We are pleased to offer Single Ayahuasca Ceremonies. You can drink as many nights as you wish and make your own schedule. Depending on if a retreat is happening, you will either drink one on one with the shaman, or be in ceremony with no more than 5 other people. This is a particularly good option for those who wish to have a more isolated and intimate experience with the medicine.


1 Ayahuasca Ceremony

1 floral bath

Orientation with your facilitator

Meals that adhere to the Ayahuasca diet

Yoga and Meditation class before ceremony

Pick up and drop off from Hotel La Casona

Dietary Restrictions and What to Bring

Ayahuasca cannot be combined with MAOI’s and SSRI’s. You must be off all MAO’S and SSRI’S at least 30 days before drinking Ayahuasca. Please consult your doctor before going off of any medications.

If you are planning to drink Ayahuasca during your stay at Lakshmi, we ask that you begin to prepare your body for the medicine. The main requirements are:

No salt, no pork, no refined sugar, minimal oil, no fermented products such as soy sauce, and no sex. These restrictions should be followed ideally for 2 weeks but 3 days can be sufficient. In general, the longer you are on the Ayahuasca diet, the better the effects will be with the medicine. You should also try to limit yourself from television and read uplifting or spiritual books.

Items you should bring

Flashlight or headlight with a red light function (white light can be very painful when drinking Ayahuasca)


Comfortable clothes for ceremony.

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