Nancy is the owner, founder, and designer of Lakshmi Ecolodge & Holistic Spa. She is a pioneer in the field of eco-tourism, who is a faithful seeker of truth. Nancy was born and raised in Lima, Peru and even as a child, she was deeply intuitive and spiritual.  At the age of 18, Nancy decided to move to the United States.  She got married, successfully raised two children, and was a full time mother and wife.  After living in the United States for 25 years, Nancy was ready to pursue her dreams of establishing an Amazonian lodge to bring healing to others . She has been taught by great spiritual masters, shamans and gurus in Cuzco, and learned Buddhist teachings in China. She has also studied quantum metaphysics as the basis of universal understanding. In the course of her life, she has healed the heart of many people; helping others with emotional healing and spiritual understanding.  Nancy embarked on her journey to create the Lakshmi on January 3rd, 2014.  Here, she practices energy healing, esoteric sciences, and shamanic healing.  Lakshmi Ecolodge is a peaceful sanctuary in the pristine Amazonian jungle.  It is meant to be a place for people to relax, explore, and escape from everyday life.   Nancy believes that when we realize our purpose of our existence, we alter our DNA and begin to experience improvements in our well being.

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